Proposal for the yearly garden festival in Quebec Canada, Festival de Jardines Grand Metis 2010.

For me growing up in the city with few gardens the space inside rectangular housing blocks was an exciting place. Not only because these areas were often closed, in here was it a quiet place closing out all noises a big city produce. People often had small planting areas with small amounts of strawberry and sometimes even potatoes, but the most popular thing was of course flowers, small trees and herbs. Depending how passionate the people living in the surrounding houses were, the variations were endless.

My secret garden is located in a small white house without a roof. The location is the lively city and is for people to enjoy a moment to smell and look at a part of the wild forest. The city´s around the world are growing and taking over a lot of the green areas.

Inside the house you can sit or lie on the wooden bench surrounded by local forest plants, flowers, herbs and a small tree to create a shade in the warm summer.

bunkerhill_daniel-franzen_secret_garden2 (kopia).jpg
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